All the resources provided on this page of the wiki are for the teachers who are participating in the Sydney Region Game-based Learning Project 2012


Possibilities of learning with Computer games:


PRE-Professional Learning activity 1:

Follow the link to
Choose a game and play it
Return to this wiki and then answer the following 3 questions in the discussion field of this page of the wiki:
  1. What is the learning ‘hidden’ in this game?
  2. What KLA or curriculum area would that learning belong to?
  3. What are some of the ‘Big Picture Ideas’ of your focus KLA/curriculum area?

PRE-Workshop Survey- This needs to be completed by all participants prior to workshop.
You can also access the survey here

MICROSOFT KODU-Game Based Platform for Game Design and Creation:

Kodu Curriculum Keyboard and mouse:

Free tools for Educators:

Learning from Games and multimodal literacies:

Backward Mapping-programming Game-based learning Template:

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