Google Forms and Google Presentations for Students K-12

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Making that connection between you and your students using Google Forms.

An example of a Google Form with a Youtube Video clip embedded in it

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Google Forms in Education Resources

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Alec Couros and how he demonstrates Google Forms with Educators

Alec uses Twitter to quickly post a google form link, with 3 simple Questions. Those who are eager
and willing complete the form. The results from these questions are collected in a spreadsheet, which of couse is the
back end of the Google Form.
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Alec's google form questons.jpg

From the google spreadsheet- the results are then collated and geographically plotted on a map of the world using a cool web2:0 tool;

Map a list-

Create a form with the following-

What is your name……….

Name your favourite country you have visited or would like to visit………………

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Google Presentations

Creating Interactive Google Presentations:


Google Presentation Resources:

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