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The Twitter Challenge- Setting up a twitter account for the first time-engaging with educators globally and establishing a professional learning network.

1. Create a Twitter account
2. Add a picture and short bio to your twitter account. (People are less likely to follow back if you are an egg)
3. Share your Twitter name in our document.
4. Search the hashtag for this workshop: #
5. Search the hashtag for another conference maybe happening simultaneously: #
6. Search hashtags that relate to the subjects you teach:
• #sschat – Social Studies Chat
• #scichat - Science Chat
• #mathchat - Math Chat
• #langchat - Language Chat
• #artsed - Arts chat;
• #4thchat (or #3rchat, etc.); #spedchat
• #cpchat- Connected Principals Chat
Here are some more educational hashtags Cybraryman list of educational chats.
7. Complete the following:
• Find 10 people to follow & follow them
• Find 2 resources that were shared on Twitter and add them to our google doc
• @ message the two people that shared the resource, tell them that you found it helpful and
thank them for sharing it the particular resource.
• RT a tweet of that someone else posted that you would then like to share with others that follow you.
• Compose your own tweet about something you have learned so far. Be sure to add the specific # Hashtag for this particular group
• Search the # hashtag, and follow the other people in this room.

Twitter for educators:

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50 reasons to invite facebook into your classroom;

Starting a new Facebook fanpage

A guide to social media

Real time internet education with social media:


Maang-Social Networking for NSW DEC staff to connect and collaborate online. Maang is the social networking tool that has replaced
Yammer. Connect and collaborate on Maang with other educators from the DEC. A wonderful professional learning community.

I posted this on Maang

"I'm doing a presentation this afternoon on the benefits of Maang for teachers. Please share your thoughts here about the benefits of social media for educators and personal learning networks"

and these were the wonderful responses from teachers and employees on Maang

1. "Where else can you go to get access to your peers inNSW DEC from across NSW to share ideas, experiences and get quick support?"

2. "Maang groups are a great way of organising information relevant to certain areas. Some of the resource sharing sites such as TALE are excellent but are so full that teachers get bogged down searching through all the items. I've also been reading a lot of different ideas and ways to apply resources to different situations simply from conversations on Maang. It's nice to hear ideas from teachers who have tried and tested them in the classroom"

3. There are so many schools beyond your school gate, To me this is what Maang is about. I can find out what is happening in other schools not only in terms of units of work but also at a leadership level or student welfare level. I've found some great resources to improve systems we have at school.

4. There's so much value in all social media for widening outlook, sharing classroom resources, being alerted to blogs and research articles that help you think more critically about educational issues and alert you to some issues you've missed altogether! Maang holds a special place in all that because 1. The people here are so helpful and sharing 2. You have access to knowledge and experience from all parts of the DEC ( who else can tell you exactly how to overcome a problem with in school technology, how else can you find exactly which DEC policy applies in a given situation or get reliable and up to date legal informationon school issues, where else do you get alerts about great relevant PL? There's even been collaborative inservices growing from conversations and set up right here on Maang. There are other DEC places, but here you get help with how to find the right information quickly. 3. Groups and workplaces make it much more than just social media. 4. You can use greater than 140 characters.just because something happens in a certain way at your school doesn't make it policy or procedure. Manng allows you to connect with other regions or people higher up in DEC to find out more information.

5. Reasons why Maang is awesome: 1) I have stumbled across so many amazing resources here both teaching and human resources- so many gurus on here! 2) It's a great place to come after a rotten day in the classroom and have an e-yak with people who totally get it. 3) I also agree with the points about accessing knowledge beyond your own school-taking the blinkers off and seeing what others are doing via Maang is a constant source of motivation.

6. Keeping up just with the flood of software and bug fixes would overwhelm traditional methods of communication. Maang and the ocean of online forums helps folk keep up and get answers to questions without having to be ashamed to admit they don't know something.

7. Maang is like a great rail and bus interchange.....huge amounts of ideas, commentaries and issues all competing for attention...It is an especially great avenue along which young teachers can develop their professional voice and interact with their peers.

8. Coming from a small school that is ahead of other local schools in our use of ICT is good to get new ideas from people who are further along the road than us. I like to relax when I get home from work with a cup of tea and Manng.

9. The enormous generosity of some very talented educators is a huge incentive to at least regularly check out manng. It really is the very best forum of this type that I've seen, mainly because many of you give so much of your work freely and with good spirit.

10. Strong connections-new ideas-help and support at any time-practising the wonderful virtue of sharing and giving-growth and a good laugh if you happen to be online at the right time!

11. I not only get amazing resources and ideas from Maang. I also feel proud of myself when I contribute and share with others!