This page will provide Internet links, online resources, educator and student created wikis and teaching resources and ideas for Teachers K-12 who are new to Wikis

The Wiki Way:

What's new in Educational wikis-wiki projects:

ICT Integration

5 Strategies for Using Wikis in the Classroom:

A new feature of Wikis is projects:
18 interesting ways to use wikis in the classroom:

Wiki Lesson for literature circles:

3 ways to increase student collaboration

Wikis ready or not

Where to start with wikis and blogs:

Wild about wikis:

Wikis make learning wicked fun:

Where to start with wikis and blogs

Jennifer Barnett's wikis:

Phillippa Cleaves Wiki Resources:

Wikis for Teachers:

Ways to use a wiki:

Wetpaint Wiki:

A Wiki Walkthrough tutorial:

A Wikispaces tour:

Wiki Rules:

Wiki and Blog rules:

7 things you should know about Wikis:

Wikis K-12 examples:

Wiki Wiki Teaching:

Wikis The Flexible Learning:

Getting tricky with wikis:

20 Educational Wikis that WOW:

Earthquakes wiki:

Mathematics Wiki:

Fairfield West Wiki:

Using Wikis to promote learning in Science:

8 ways to use school wikis:

Ariane's Wiki Resources from the 1to1 unconference:

Teaching with technology:

A collection of how-to's, awesome wikis and other ideas for setting up your own class wiki.

Mrs Maine's Class Wiki:

Leading Learning:

Teach and learn Wiki:

A Class Program Wiki:

Mr Kemp's Wikis:

Featured wiki on wikispaces:

Great Wiki Tools and Widgets:

Free button generators:
Glitter text:
Spell with Flickr:
Cool text: